3rd - 26th August 2017 & 7th - 24th February 2018
by Derek Ahonen

Thursday, 3rd August – Saturday, 26th August 2017

& Wednesday, 7th February – Saturday, 24th February 2018

Catherine and Anita

by Derek Ahonen

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Assembly Rooms) & King’s Head Theatre

All hell breaks loose when a tortured young misfit named Catherine strikes up a friendship with the mysterious Anita. As their unlikely relationship develops, their world escalates into a violent cycle of destruction and revenge.

Told over the course of decades, Catherine and Anita is a dark comedy about heartbreak, illness and ultimately how those in need so often slip through life’s cracks.


Catherine | Sarah Roy


Director | Derek Ahonen
Lighting Designer | Nina Harding
Sound Designer | Dave Walker
Costume Designer | Ricky Lang
Stage Management | Nina Harding
Production Manager | Philippa Dawson
Producer | Sarah Roy


”This inventive play is one of the highlights of the festival”

Arts Fringes

”Sarah Roy gives a riveting performance”

– The Stage

”This is an amazing piece of theatre”

“The success of this slick and quick play is hugely attributed to Roy’s soul-gripping performance”

“Sarah Roy as Catherine gives an intense performance, pulsing with palpable energy”

”Catherine and Anita is a fascinating foray into the theatrical dement and one which should be applauded for both its bravery AND its quality”



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